Another successful venture established by the office of the Regional Comptrollership Division is the Showdown Inspection of Clothing Requirements for RCA which started last CY 2014 wherein all RCA claimants for the period are subjected to showdown inspection to verify their readiness as required. Composition of inspecting teams is organized every quarter   comprised of representatives from RCD, RLD and RFSO1. Said inspection was recently conducted last September of 2015 for the 3rd Quarter RCA.

The inspecting team conducts meticulous scrutiny of the field service uniforms (camougreen and tropical boots) and thorough examination is performed on the authenticity and validity of  the  receipts  presented  to  ensure that the RCA is properly utilized to what it is really intended for. They put their initials at the reverse side of the FSU to ensure that this was already subjected for inspection and to avoid use of the same uniform by other claimants during inspection.

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