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CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO- Region 1 police director Chief Superintendent Ericson T. Velasquez led on Monday morning (October 12) the send-off ceremony of the Four Hundred Seven (407) Police Officer 1 (PO1) from the Regional Public Safety Battalion 1 (RPSB1) who were downloaded to strengthen the manpower of police stations in Region 1.

PCSupt. Velasquez said, the personnel were distributed to the four (4) provinces of Region 1 based on their existing police to population ratio. Of the 407 police personnel, 246 were downloaded to Pangasinan, 58 for La Union and Ilocos Sur, 42 for Ilocos Norte and three (3) were reassigned to PRO1 Headquarters.

In his message, he encouraged them to prove their worth and dedication as patrollers and serve as vanguards of the community. He stressed not to hesitate in bringing offenders to justice and for sure PRO1 will be supporting their official acts.

He likewise reminded them to give due respect, utmost honesty and support to their comrades without sacrificing their sworn duty. “Do not let your fellow law enforcers trail the wrong way. Tap his back when he is going astray and remind him and be mindful of whatever you and whatever they do,” PCSupt. Velasquez stressed.

“As your Acting Regional Director, I am not asking you to do extra-ordinary things. All I simply ask is for each of you to do your job effectively and efficiently,” he added.

The downloading of PNP personnel particularly those PO1 is in compliance with the directive of the PNP leadership for strong police presence in the community and placing patrolling as effective crime deterrence.

Earlier, all Police Inspectors and Police Officers 1 in the regional headquarters who are performing administrative works were downloaded to different police stations.

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